FivePD Logo

The British Themed LSPDFR Multiplayer server

Created for fun, to be fun.

How to Play


type /uniform to open EUP Menu


Press M to open vMenu

Radio Comms

Type /radio to open police radio

FivePD Controls
F11Duty MenuBrings up the duty menu to go on/off duty.
ZCallout MenuBrings up the callout / backup menu. use this to end your callout or request backup.
XPed MenuBrings up the ped menu to perform actions on a AI suspect.
GDispatch MenuBrings up the dispatch menu to request transport, towtruck or ambulance to your scene. You must cancel these requests when your callout is finished.You must NOT use the object spawner.
BPolice ComputerPress this when in a police car to bring up the police computer.
Lft ShiftTraffic StopPress this with your emergency lights on to pull over a vehicle.
YAccept CalloutPress this when you recieve a callout to accept it.
ETransport SuspectPress this when you and your suspect are stood next to the rear doors of your vehicle to put them inside.
PgUpEmote MenuGives you a selection of emotes for your character to perform.
MvMenuExtremely useful menu for chreating your characters and spawning vehicles & weapons
/eupEUP MenuApply a preset police uniform to your MP character.
/radioPolice Radio Enables your police radio menu
Vehicle Lighting Controls
QToggle Emergency Lights Activated your emergency blue lights.
ALTToggle SirenActivates your sirens. You can cycle through tones with 1,2 & 3
KRear RedsActivates the rear reads on your lightbar.
BackspaceToggle Hazards Activates your hazard lights
- +Toggle Indicators Activates left and right indicators.

Rules & Etiquette


  1. We have a zero-tolerance policy on hateful conduct. Abuse / Harrasment of other participants will not be tolerated. This includes making personal comments about participants that is intended to cause upset, promoting violence against, threatening or harassing other participants & characters on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
  2. Do not share your own or other participants private information. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so. this includes personal social media accounts (including snapchat) and any method of 1-1 communication.
  3. Do not use text or voice chat to purposely disrupt the in-game experience. We want our server to be suitable for live streamers, therefore all communications in-game, on our teamspeak and on our discord server must adhere to:
  4. Gameplay

  5. FivePD UK is a PvE server, this means that all players should work together against the game and not against each other. The purpose of the game is to play the role of a british police officer, working alone or with other players to complete callouts. By Default, Passive mode is enabled for players, this means that you cannot kill other players and they cannot kill you. This can be disabled, however PvP is not permitted except for in the designated 'PvP Roleplay Zone' which is indicated at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.
  6. Except for when inside a 'PvP Roleplay Zone' you must play the game as a police officer. This means that you should only be using a police uniform and using a police vehicle.
  7. Do not engage in or disrupt another player's callout unless invited to do so (either verbally, in text chat or through back up requests).
  8. Do not "GTA Drive", This means that you must not purposely drive in a wreckless and destructive way as this ruins the experience for other players.
  9. You must not use any method of circumventing server restrictions.
  10. use of the object spawner (available in G menu) is strictly prohibited and will be removed as soon as possible.
  11. before ending your callout you must:
    • clean up your scene by deleting any left over vehicles (by using the /dv command)
    • cancel any backup, ems or tow truck that you have called (even if they have been and driven away, they need to be canceled the same way they where called)
    • it is important that you cancel your transport if it is not able to complete (i.e the ped is now dead or the van won't drive away) , abandoning transport requests and leaving them on the map will result in a 7 day ban
  12. you must not purposely start and end callouts or submit false arrest reports to gain xp quickly, anybody found ranking up suspiciously quick will have their xp reset to zero.